Who the fuck is David (first installment)?

I was a bit offended today. I stood on a corner, holding my sign that includes #BLM. There was a woman, in her 70's, seemed lost, confused. Later I flagged down a police officer, said please look, this woman may need help. Then we talked, for almost an hour. The takeaway? He is as disgusted … Continue reading Who the fuck is David (first installment)?

I Will Not Turn the Other Cheek

For more than 150 years, first Negroes, then Blacks, then African Americans have been told the same thing: just wait, it will get better. The Massachusetts 54th, the first African American regiment, fought not just to end slavery, but also for the promise of a better life. Freed slaves were promised "40 acres and a … Continue reading I Will Not Turn the Other Cheek

The Whole World is Watching?

I've been to protests where that was the chant: "The whole world is watching".  But this time?  That's not right.  The whole world is joining.  Paris.  London.  Cape Town.  Hong Kong.  Kolkata.  Jerusalem.  Berlin.  Athens.  Last night, in Bristol England, protestors tore down a statue of a slave trader and threw it in the river.  … Continue reading The Whole World is Watching?