Who the fuck is David (first installment)?

I was a bit offended today. I stood on a corner, holding my sign that includes #BLM. There was a woman, in her 70’s, seemed lost, confused. Later I flagged down a police officer, said please look, this woman may need help. Then we talked, for almost an hour. The takeaway? He is as disgusted as I am about what happened to George Floyd. He said every officer on the Melrose, MA police department shares this sentiment. So why am I offended? Disgusted, actually. Because of the abuse that was thrown his way while we talked. Yeah, I get that some might believe he was hassling me for that sign. But he wasn’t. One yelled “Fuck the police”. His response? “Did she see that family, those kids? Did those children need to hear that?” There will be no peace, no justice, nothing, until we get beyond labels and see people. All Blacks are not criminals. All whites are not racist supporters of Trump. All police are not Derek Chauvin. There will be no peace, no tranquility, no justice, until we accept diversity, accept tolerance, and recognize that labels separate, but they don’t define.

But what the fuck do I know. I’m just an angry, white, male who is almost 60 years old.


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