Kidnapped #23 – Day 50

First the good news: twenty-four hostages were released yesterday.  Among them was Doron Katz-Asher who was featured on my day 2 posting.  News reports say another fourteen will be released today.  Was I the only one who was surprised yesterday that twenty-four people had been released?  The news reports kept saying that thirteen were to … Continue reading Kidnapped #23 – Day 50

Kidnapped #22 – Day 49

Thirteen hostages are expected to be freed today.  Will it happen?  Think a bit about the horror the kidnapped children have endured.  And think about what is to come.  How many of them are being released to the news that their parents were killed during the attack when they were abducted? Hamas is responsible for … Continue reading Kidnapped #22 – Day 49

Kidnapped #21 – Day 48

Now the reports are that thirteen will be released tomorrow (09/24/2023) at 4PM Israel time (9AM EST).  We'll see.  An interesting note:  CNN has interviewed several family members who know their own will not be part of the negotiated release.  Almost every one has used this word to describe their feelings: "thrilled".  All are excited … Continue reading Kidnapped #21 – Day 48