Identity Politics / Intersectionalism

We often hear the term "identity politics", often from right wing critics on places like Fox News.  Their definition, for purposes of their complaints, is that we on the left, and in the Democratic Party, have different and individual platforms for various groups.  They pretty much mean a sliced and diced set of ideas rather … Continue reading Identity Politics / Intersectionalism


Are you outraged?  If you aren't you should be.  Perhaps you will be after reading this post.  Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito said that abortion isn't in the Constitution.   He's right.  It's not.  Ask yourself: why would it be?  The Constitution was written by men, white men to be exact.  Let's be more precise, they … Continue reading Outraged


Just ask.... My Twitter chain tonight..... I'm struggling tonight. Somewhere between burdened and a fortunate man. So many have shared their abortion stories,their pain, their truth here on Twitter and elsewhere. I can only respect that. What is hard is the reminder of how many women have been my friends, who have told me their … Continue reading Ask