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My Twitter chain tonight…..

I’m struggling tonight. Somewhere between burdened and a fortunate man. So many have shared their abortion stories,their pain, their truth here on Twitter and elsewhere. I can only respect that.

What is hard is the reminder of how many women have been my friends, who have told me their rape stories, their victimization of sexual assault.
And it troubles me. I’m a lucky man to know them, to have them feel safe to tell me. Yet I’m tired. Tired of asking. Asking, have you told your daughter? And saying, are you sure you want to? What if she tells you her story?
The first time someone told me, it was hard for her. Then she told her mom. Mom shared her rape story. Told her sister. Sis told hers.
I’m tired of hearing the stories. Yet it’s easy for me. It didn’t happen to me. Why am I tired? Because every time should be the last. And it keeps happening.
So every time a woman shares her abortion story? Ask about the pain, what she went through. My pain is relatively easy.
I didn’t happen to me. I only listened.


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