A Raised Fist

I can’t. I can’t do it. I can’t raise my fist.

See, for me, a raised fist, it comes from The Black Panther Party and is a symbol of Black Power.

When I’m out holding my, or signs, I have a lot:
“I Can’t Breathe #BLM”
“I Will Not Turn the Other Cheek #BLM”
“Police Matter. So do Black Lives #BLM”

I can’t raise a fist. I see it a lot of people raising theirs. One I’ve seen every afternoon I’ve stood in Melrose center comes from a Black man who drives for the Post Office. We share the same first name. He’s told me he’ll that he’ll show his support every day, every time he sees me. He used to raise his fist, but I’ve never raised my so now we wave. I can’t.

I’ve looked at the history. The raised fist comes from well before the time it was used for Black Empowerment. Yet for me, it’s a symbol of Black Power and to raise mine would be replying “white power”. Can’t do it. And yeah, for a new generation it’s a different thing. Lots of teens and twenty-somethings raise their fists when they see me. It’s solidarity and support. I get it. Yet I can’t. But some day….

Someday I’ll find a glove like Tommie Smith and John Carlos are wearing. Then? Yeah….

P.S. Visit https://846challenge.net. Will you take the 846 Challenge?

#BLM #restoredignity

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