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I am an angry white man. Old, fucking, I feel old. Ask yourself this: why did I hold a sign today that said “I will not turn the other cheek #BLM”? 155 years. That’s why. Slavery ended in 1865. For 155 years blacks where told be quiet, don’t complain, go along, get along, and you’ll have your turn. 155 FUCKING YEARS. And what really happened? Beatings. Murder. Lynchings. Death sanctioned by courts. Don’t comply? People who look like me will kill you, your father, your brother. Rape your sister, your mother. And I ask you: Will you stand next to? If you say yes, then I will call you a coward. Three officers stood “next to” and watched George Floyd be murdered. If you want this to change. If WE, if I, want this to change, it’s time to stand in front, say I WILL NO LONGER STAND BY AND WATCH MURDER. YOU WANT IT? SHOOT ME FIRST.


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