AntiFa: An Addendum

I am AntiFa.

@realDonaldTrump, do you even know what I am, what AntiFa is? We are not an organization. I don’t need to send in three cereal box tops and $5 to join. There is no membership. There could be a website. I don’t know. There’s no leadership, no central authority, no mailing list. Because we are an idea. It’s that simple. And idea. AntiFa is AntiFacism. An idea. It’s that simple.

Yes, those of us who use the label fall all over the place. Some are indeed violent, believing that it’s all too corrupt and the whole “state apparatus” needs to be smashed. Others want reform. Some are committed to non-violence. What unites us is an idea, that what happened in Germany and Italy in the 1930’s cannot happen again, can’t happen here nor anywhere else. It’s a believe that acting early might have stopped it then.

Note, that not all of us that share this belief will use the label (rock-on @MittRomney, I still used the insurance you helped create. Thank you for joining us on the right side of history).

So if you want to investigate? Go ahead. As a start, I’ll help. I have no plans to commit violence, none. I don’t see that changing. I don’t own a gun, or guns, and have no plans to change that. Yes, I have enough knowledge that I could build a bomb, should I choose to. But I not only have chosen not to, I’ve not even considered it. Don’t have the materials, don’t plan to acquire them. Investigate away.

@realDonaldTrump, understand this, investigating AntiFa, banning it, is banning an idea. You swore to uphold the Constitution. Ideas are protected by it. Try reading the First Amendment. We knew you were lying when you took that oath, hand on a bible.

It started quietly in Germany, first smashing windows, then rounding up and killing those who were mentally and physically challenged. We know where it went. So who are we? Not here, not now, not on our watch.

Rage has been smoldering for a while. The murder of George Floyd was the spark that lit the fire.

Not here, not now, not on our watch. I am, we are AntiFa.

#restoredignity #fighthate

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