I Am AntiFa


I am AntiFa.

And I am not alone.

Feel free. Unleash your minions. Call the FBI, the CIA. Whomever. Tell them.

David Valade, 38 Goss Ave, Melrose, MA is AntiFa.

Ask me. What is AntiFa?

We are the thousands who crossed Omaha Beach to fight Nazism.

We are the ones who crossed from Africa to fight Mussolini.

We are the survivors of Jews who died and were burned.

We are black.




Even people who look like you.

And yeah, even angry old white men like me.

I am, we are AntiFa. We stand against bigotry. Against hate.

Against you.

So @realDonaldTrump? Bring it on motherfucker. Accuse me of terrorism because I don’t put children in cages. Say I’m, well, say what you want.

You are a tiresome coward.

Feel free. Bring it on. Investigate me. Call me AntiFa. I am. Yet be careful. Because the real terrorists? Your friends? The ones that killed Heather Heyer? Yeah, good people on both sides.

Bring it on. Coward.


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