The Whole World is Watching?

I’ve been to protests where that was the chant: “The whole world is watching”.  But this time?  That’s not right.  The whole world is joining.  Paris.  London.  Cape Town.  Hong Kong.  Kolkata.  Jerusalem.  Berlin.  Athens.  Last night, in Bristol England, protestors tore down a statue of a slave trader and threw it in the river.  Wikipedia lists over 50 countries, on six continents, where protests have taken place.  The whole world is doing more than watching.

So ask yourself, has the United States lost it’s moral leadership?  It would seem that we have not, at least not yet.  It’s not coming from the president, but it is from “We the people…”.  Yet it may be gone if he is reelected.

#restorediginity #blm

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