An Update re: David

I posted the words below as an update on Facebook.  As a preface, if I believed that any of you would be offended, well, I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t be a subscriber!


I live in Melrose, MA. Friday I stood out with a sign that said “I Can’t Breathe #BLM“. Today I held “Racism is Terrorism #BLM“. Melrose is a fairly conservative city, at least in Massachusetts, albeit a conservative side of being a Democratic city. Most people were supportive. Some were rude. I was called, among other things “moron”. If I offended you? Nope. This is not an apology. I’m glad. If you are offended by either of these statements then you are the problem.


Note:  I’m far better at writing slogans than making signs.  I finished this and used it like it is.  I decided that part of the message needed to be that content matters more than perfection.

#resist #restoredignity #blm


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