A Trump Diversion

“A nation that is not proud of its history cannot be confident of its future”. – Donald J. Trump

Is the president saying that I, that we, that America should be proud of slavery?  Of subjugating blacks?  Of Jim Crow?  Is he suggesting that we should be proud of the genocide that we committed against the people we now identify as “native Americans”?  Is he proud of his anti-immigrant, racist dialogue?  Of his constant harassment and belittlement of Muslims?  I wonder.

Let me say this again.  I’m a white guy.  And I’m not embarrassed to say that.  Our culture says that it’s wrong to be proud to be white, straight, and male.  Why?  Yeah, I get a lot of shit has been ugly.  But a white guy named Madison wrote the Constitution that is protecting all of us.  Another white guy named Jefferson laid out ideas of rights and freedom.  And a third, someone named George Washington, fought and lead making it happen.  Yeah, all three owned slaves.  Not so enlightened by our standards.  Yet they created a foundation of free speech, the right to protest, to be angry, to express.  By today’s standards they were, well, oppressive is not a strong enough word.  But back then were they so far away from a common belief that to say they were the Tea Party or Occupy movement of their time?  Perhaps.  Those white guys created a vision of what we might be.

So back to the #liarinchief.  I’m at a loss.  Is he saying we should go back to Ray Moore’s ideal time when American families were whole based on slavery?  I wonder why our president, why Ray Moore, why they can’t understand that our nation was founded on the idea, a Constitution that was written,  with the belief that we all can all be better.




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