Say No to Washington Corruption: Crash the Switchboard

Here is what I know: our Congress is about to pass a tax “cut” that shows a huge degree of corruption and incompetence.  It’s being done behind closed doors with no debate.  It’s an example of what both the left and right, the Tea Party and Occupy Movement say is wrong with Washington.  Our voices aren’t being heard yet again.  A couple of examples on how this will help “us”:

  • The exemption for the estate tax will double from $5.5 million to $11 million. Is this helping you or me?  Does anyone reading this have that much money?  It seems like a giveaway to the rich.
  • Cuts to the corporate tax: The Financial Times calculated that Apple will receive a tax cut of $47 billion under this bill. The argument is that companies will grow and invest with the tax cut.  Yet Apple is currently sitting on $256 billion, yes billion, in cash.  They already have a whole lot of money that they can invest and aren’t.  Many large companies are in the same place, sitting on large mountains of cash.  Do they need more?  Where does the more go?  To CIO bonuses, to pay lobbyists, and to do more that helps the 1%, not any of us.

So here we go, a giveaway to the wealthy, and a little may trickle down to the rest of us.  And what does it do?  Projections say that it will increase the government debt by a trillion dollars. A trillion dollars in welfare to the rich, to corporate corruption.  Debt that you, our kids, and their kids will be repaying.  What can we do?

Start calling your Senators and Representative.  Do it through the switchboard numbers, not their direct lines, the switchboard.  If enough of us call it will crash the system and that will make news, news on Fox, on CNN, on CBS, on NPR, and more.  Call even if your Senators and Representative have committed to voting no.  Call and thank them.  The number of calls matters.

Crash the Switchboard!

Here are the phone numbers and links to find your Senator and Representative.

House: 202-224-3121

Senate: 202-224-3121

And please, please, repost this, cut and paste it, share it, whatever.  I can’t reach enough people alone.  We need to work together to stop this corruption.


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