Hypocrisy, Lies, FoxNews, Trump….

OK.  The heading is getting too long.  I'm waiting for the swamp to drain.  Frankly, disgusted.  A day after Trump's fixer pleaded guilty and his campaign manager was convicted I'm looking for some truth.  #CNN is reveling in a, well, look, we were right.  So I looked at #foxnews.  I wondered what they had to … Continue reading Hypocrisy, Lies, FoxNews, Trump….

An Angry White Man

Yeah.  Mad as hell.  Riddle me this Batman.  Why, why, why, is the conversation about our children protecting themselves when there is an "active shooter".  17 dead in Broward County.  And the conversation is about teaching our children to "shelter in place".  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AMERICA?  Why, why, do we accept the … Continue reading An Angry White Man