Mediocrity and Trump

I'm watching a movie.  The movie doesn't matter.  Yet it includes a speech from Jimmy Carter about the decline of America and our loss of values.  It's funny how he predicated the disgusting example that we have become.  #Fucktrump talks about "Making America Great Again".  Yet he has failed on every level.  I grew up … Continue reading Mediocrity and Trump

Next We Blame the Jews

OK, first, I want to get this out of the way.  Two things that some claim are true:  The Jews are running a worldwide Communist conspiracy.  And the Jews control capitalism.  Yeah.  Makes no sense.   Bigotry rarely does. So let's try this.  Russia conspired, lied, manipulated people in our last election.  Anyone who cares about … Continue reading Next We Blame the Jews

76 Years (and another quote)

"be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity" - Horace Mann, 1859 76 years ago today the United States was dragged across the threshold into a worldwide conflict.  Please pause today, take a moment of silence, and remember those who died in the attack on Pearl Harbor.  Ultimately our country stood … Continue reading 76 Years (and another quote)

In With Flynn

I'm challenging #asswipe, #potus, #liarinchief, @realDonaldTrump to pardon Flynn.  See, the truth matters.  If Michael Flynn is pardoned then he has to tell the truth.  A fifth amendment protection against self incrimination no longer applies.  He's exonerated.  So, @potus, #scumbadinchief, I challenge to you to pardon Flynn, free him to tell the truth.  They say … Continue reading In With Flynn