In With Flynn

I have no idea what the origination of those words might be.  It’s likely that they were part of some Irish Catholic Democratic machine campaign.  What I do know is that they didn’t mean “In jail with Flynn”.  But here is what I do know….

Mannefort and Gates weren’t the target.  They were a step, a message.  Most expected the first indictment to be Flynn.  There is a reason it wasn’t.  Today we found out part of that reason.

#CNN and others keep speculating.  The talking heads are running wild.  All say Kushner is next.  He’s the target.  Yet they are wrong.  He may be the next stepping stone, but he’s also a diversion.  Think….

Blood is thicker than water.  Women don’t matter.  The former is a truth most of us hold.  The latter is #fucktrump’s reality.  Donny Jr. matters.  Ivanka hardly does.  Jared is not blood.  Junior is the real target.

So think, will #liarinchief sell out his daughter’s marriage to save his son?  That is the real truth.  Kushner is smarter than all of them.  He’s seen what the justice department can do, the power they have.  He saw his dad go to jail.  Kushner is not the target.  He’s the focus, he’s being offered an opportunity to protect himself, being reminded that #fucktrump will sell him out, throw him to the wolves, to protect his kid.


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