Mediocrity and Trump

I’m watching a movie.  The movie doesn’t matter.  Yet it includes a speech from Jimmy Carter about the decline of America and our loss of values.  It’s funny how he predicated the disgusting example that we have become.  #Fucktrump talks about “Making America Great Again”.  Yet he has failed on every level.  I grew up in a country that was about showing the world what freedom can be.  Yeah, sometimes we failed.  We still do.  Just ask Freddie Gray or Michael Brown.  Actually, you can’t do that.  Ask their families.  We fail.  But still, whether it’s #BLM, #HateHasNoHomeHere, or otherwise, we tried to be better.  But with #fucktrump that stopped.

America is no longer a leader.  We have forfeited the moral high ground.  With Trump we have given up.  We are willing to elect misogynist fools, tomorrow Alabama will likely elect an accused child rapist.  How is it that winning became more important than values?  How has the country I believed in failed so thoroughly.  I look for hope.  Yet I find none.


P.S.  It happened before Trump.  Ask Bernard Law.  He’s safely sitting in Rome, in the Vatican, and he protected men who raped little boys.

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