Next We Blame the Jews

OK, first, I want to get this out of the way.  Two things that some claim are true:  The Jews are running a worldwide Communist conspiracy.  And the Jews control capitalism.  Yeah.  Makes no sense.   Bigotry rarely does.

So let’s try this.  Russia conspired, lied, manipulated people in our last election.  Anyone who cares about what we, as Americans, as the shiny democracy on the hill, who supports that premise, should be outraged.  Yet the Republican party, those who used to be angry about Russia, are silent.

So about the Jews….  Mueller.  He has a name.  Could be German.  Could be a Jew.  I have no idea.  Doesn’t matter to me where the hell he is from.  What matters is that he continues to pursue the truth, that he protects America, what we believe, our values.  Yet many with an “R” after the name would rather obfuscate.

What’s next?  Call him a Jew.

Yeah, I’m angry.  Why aren’t you?



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