What does the world think of us?

OK, to start, this video is funnier than hell.  Near hysterical even.  It’s worth watching more than once.  The history of Trump’s campaign set to the Village People’s YMCA.  It works.  But it got me to thinking what the world thinks of us and our president.

First, this video was sent to me from a friend who is from India residing in the US on a temporary work visa.  He just returned from a visit to India.  He was concerned, that with Trump as president and his attacks on immigrants, that he wouldn’t be able to return.  He got back OK, but that he was worried tells us a bit about what the world thinks of what is going on here.

Second, this video is from outside the US.  That it was produced it says something about their thoughts.  That “Saturday Night Live” would be proud of the parody tells us about the time and effort here.  And it’s a hint.

Third, I just came back from Paris (yeah, the one in France, not the one in Texas).  No one there asked me about Trump.  Rien.  Nothing.  When Obama was president I was asked about him a lot.  The world was excited about our president.  People who had never visited the US were proud of him.  They referred to him as “my president”.  Yet this time in France no one mentioned our current president.  Perhaps it’s because they knew that most Trump supporters wouldn’t go to France, that by virtue of my being there they knew I wasn’t  supporter, that no words were necessary.

So what does the world think?  That we, the US, were once leaders of the free world.  That while we did a lot wrong, we were still admired, the defenders of freedom and the ideals of western democracy.  I don’t see that belief anymore.  And while it isn’t being said, I think the world is afraid about what might be next, that Trump’s kissing Putin’s ass suggests fear is in order.  That we, the US, reneging on long standing partnerships, is leaving them vulnerable.  I can only speculate that the emotions are fear and distrust.  I hear enough to suggest that.  We all do.  It sucks that we are where we are, that the post WWII leader is no more.  Perhaps it will come back with a new president.  But I fear it is gone forever.

Resist.  Resist fear.  Resist hatred.  Resist.

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  1. If one or two of the multiple investigations come back showing some collusion with Russia, we will have Mike Pence as president. Maybe we can work with that. Stop worrying.

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