Thoughts on #FUCKTRUMP

A while ago, on Facebook, a connection suggested that I should no longer use the hashtag #FUCKTRUMP.  Yet here I am using it and writing about it.  The rationale posted in response was that I should respect the dignity of the office, regardless of who is in the position.  Yet I can’t.  I can’t show respect for the scumbag human being who occupies the office nor can I work within the confines of respecting the position.  And he is the reason why.  I believe in that maxim, the golden rule of “treat others…”.  And had #45 respected the office prior to being sworn in (we’ll skip my belief that he’s disrespecting it while holding the office – that can be another posting and it would likely be long) then maybe I could offer that respect.  As a simple case in point, #45, the man, was the leader of the “birther movement”.  He clung to if for a long time with no proof, just lies and innuendo.  He wouldn’t give it up after proof was offered of birth and citizenship was offered, after the Republican Governor of Hawaii confirmed that Barack Obama was US born.  It was likely partly racism (another point we can debate), more of it was narcissism and the attention he was getting.  But at it’s core it was disrespect for both the person holding the office and the office of the presidency.  So, no, I can’t offer the decorum, the respect that should be shown the position.  He gets what he gave.  So, #FUCKTRUMP works for me.


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