Kidnapped #6 – Day 32

First, an update: I wrote in Unfathomable about a father who was glad, for lack of a better word, when hearing his eight year-old daughter had been killed in the October 7 attack.  Last night CNN had an update:  Her name is Emily and she is now believed kidnapped.  She had been staying with family friends.  No physical evidence was found at the home, blood or otherwise, suggesting she had been hurt.  The cell phone signals of a couple of the family’s phones were tracked into Gaza.  The assumption now is that she was with them when they were kidnapped.  So now this father is facing the horrors of what his daughter is going through that he believed her death had saved her from.  Worth noting, he was asked if he was angry with the Israeli government for telling him she had been killed.  He said, no, he wasn’t, that he understands in the chaos of October 7 and the days that followed included mistakes being made.


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