Kidnapped #2 – Day 28

The backstory: On Wednesday (11/01) I was watching an interview on CNN with the mother of an Israeli man who was kidnapped.  She had a sticker on her shirt with the number “26” on it.  She grew up in the US and had moved to Israel.  She went on to explain that she watched Ted Koppel on “Nightline” during the time of the US hostages being held in Iran.  Each night he’d open with “Day x”.  She was carrying this on in this crisis.  I’m extending that with these posts.  Lately we hear a lot of the invasion into Gaza and the citizens killed there.  We must not forget that Hamas started this, kidnapping and killing innocent civilians.  My fear is that we’ll never know what happens with most of these hostages, that they will be killed and buried under the destruction the Hamas tunnel system.

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