Thoughts for tonight

My thoughts on the Hamas attempt at genocide were rambling.  Frankly, I doubt anyone who cares can succinctly express how they feel beyond saying: pissed off.  I still can’t comprehend the why.  It’s just so stupid.  Kill a lot of Jewish people in Israel and hope the world gets pissed off then the IDF responds?  I rambled because I didn’t understand.  Some things are easier.  I posted this a few minutes ago in our community “uncensored” FB page.  Frankly, it’s like shooting fish in a barrel.  Friends and allies have pointed out that some people that reply  just don’t know when to shut up.

I regularly stand on a corner with signs that say Black Lives Matter. I’ve posted the same sentiments in this group. Somehow that is “divisive”. It’s a simple equation: either you believe the lives of Black people matter or you don’t.
I posted about a candidate for mayor who has twice been endorsed by an anti-LGBTQ+ hate group. Again, accused of being divisive. Do you believe that Melrose is one community, open to all? If you do, how is it “open to all” if we elect a mayor who stands with that hate? Who has never rejected those endorsements? Is it “divisive” to point out facts?
As an aside: I am a Cis-gendered, heterosexual, white man. That brings with it a whole lot of privilege. And yeah, some of what I post is to support and stand with people who are afraid of the hurt they will feel if they stand up and say who they are.
I asked a question about why I, why any of us, should support a candidate who offered qualifications that only were about their longevity in Melrose. I was criticized for asking where they stand on issues like asking if supporting our first responders matters more. Again, accused of being divisive. Oh, and of being “negative”.
So I’ll ask this: are facts divisive? Is the truth negative? Why do they bother you so much?
Facts matter.
The truth isn’t divisive. Lies are.

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