Free Speech?

The former president and his lackeys are spouting off about attacks on free speech.  Let’s delve a bit into this with a few examples that expose their lies.  Our sample subject?  Murder.

You, me, and a group of friends has a discussion about how to complete the theoretical perfect murder.   Yeah, this is free speech.  Maybe the subject is distasteful, a bit bizarre.  When 45 and his clown show contested the election in courts, losing repeatedly?  That’s within his rights.  He had the right to lie then, and continue to lie now, saying that the election was rigged, stolen, whatever.  Our Constitution protects the right to lie, even to be stupid.

Scenario two:  the same group of us talks and puts together a plan to kill someone, someone specific.  Yes, this is still speech, but it is not protected.  Our Supreme Court has made clear that talking about a crime is not speech, it’s a crime.  To be specific we are engaging in conspiracy to commit murder.  This is the crux of a the major part of the Georgia indictments, that 45 and his crew worked and conspired to break the law in an attempt to nullify the legal, audited, and certified results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia.  You can talk about something being rigged, etc. but you can’t violate the law to change it.

And finally, one of us asks another to kill someone on their behalf.  Again, this is speech, but it’s not protected.  This motley and disastrous crew can’t claim it’s free speech when they are asking to have a crime committed.

So what will happen?  The GOP and the long list of Trump sycophants will keep talking about “free speech” as a diversion because they lose when trying to deal with the facts.  Because in our legal system, facts matter.

I stand with free speech.  I stand neither with crime nor those that commit it.

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  1. Unfortunately David the people to whom you are speaking are either incapable of understanding your logic or steadfastly refuse to accept it since you’re not on Fox or Newsmax.

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