Reach, Throw….

Long ago, when I was a Boy Scout taking life guard training, we were taught that: Reach, Throw, Row and Go.  Take it as it may.  I’m not explaining.  I’m asking.  Active shooter.  Can’t reach?  Throw.

Richard Fierro ran toward the gun.  It was his training.  He left the military because he didn’t want that life anymore, yet it came to him.  He saved lives.  There is no way to know how many.


He says he’s not a hero.  I can say that maybe he’s right.  Real heroes are just regular people who do something more, something exceptional, people who go beyond.  He did.

Throw.  Think about throw.  Because a simple word takes back some control.


You, I, we, sit in a restaurant, a bar.  In front of us?  A bottle, a glass, maybe more.  Throw.

Gun not pointing a me or you?  Throw.

Take it back.

A glass.  Throw.

The NRA says more guns.  And more mass shootings occur.

The GOP offers thoughts and prayers.  Actually, they don’t even say that anymore.

Throw shit.  I don’t have a gun, but….  I’d duck if a whole lot of shit were being thrown at me.

Throw.  Anything.

It matters.

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  1. It is the prodigal availability of guns which allows these attacks to happen, not so much mental health issues. No one should own a handgun or semi-automatic rifle in this country. Utter craziness.

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