The Holocaust

It never happened.  Ask how I know.

I read it on Twitter.

The holocaust never happened.

Ask how I know.

I read it on Facebook.

No one was killed.  It’s a lie.

I read that on Instagram.

It’s all a lie.  Alex Jones told me.

Eugenics.  We’ll come back to that.

It will never happen again.  Which is strange.  Since it never happened.

How can what never happened happen again?




We’ll never allow it to happen again.  What?

Ask about the guy named Modi in India that says Muslims are expendable.

Ask about Viktor Orban in Hungary.  He’ll explain about how a Jewish man named Soros controls it all.

Ask those who marched in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us”.

The Holocaust never happened.

Eugenics was the “science” behind the extermination of the Jews, the Roma, and more in Europe.  That so call “science” came from here, the United States.  Cold Spring Harbor on Long Island.  Ask.

The science that Hitler used to exterminate was American.

It can’t happen here?

It started here.

It will again.  Is it happening now?



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One thought on “The Holocaust

  1. The hateful nature of man, unfortunately, cannot be underestimated. It will be repeated because we are so capable of uncharitable and hateful urges. Disappointing species.

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