Liz Cheney

CNN is not saying it. Didn’t look at MSNBC, but I suspect that they don’t get it either. Fox?  Yeah, really?  So let’s take what Liz Cheney has said and take it at face value.  She committed to making sure that election deniers, people who support Donald Trump (aka #tfg), the “Big Lie”,  do not get elected, a commitment to defeat them.  Every one.  All of them.  EVERY ONE of them have an R next to their names on the ballot.  They are the nominees of their party, for Governor, Secretary of State (aka, those who run the elections) and more.   Candidates for Senate.  There is only one way to defeat them (OK two, but independent write-in candidates don’t matter).  How?  Has Liz Cheney really committed to electing Democrats to defeat the sycophants of Trump?  She hasn’t said it, but the only way to make this happen is to align with Democrats to defeat Trump.

One needs to ask.  If she has really made this commitment?  Send money to her PAC.  At least for 2022, we might be on the same side.  Ask.  There is no other path forward for what she’s said.


I couldn’t make this shit up.  Reality is truly bizarre.

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