Paying Attention

A few years ago I started paying attention to how many of our veterans, those who had served us, their country, were taking their own lives. I looked at the daily numbers, I think it was seven each and every day. And I started to wonder, when would the lines cross, the number who were killed in battle in Afghanistan and Iraq, when would our children, more of them die at the own hands than in war? I wondered.

Then I lost track.

COVID happened.

And the lines crossed. When I wasn’t looking. When we weren’t.

More of our friends, family, sisters, brothers, have died by their own hands than in battle.

That’s wrong.

Something is wrong.

We have failed them.

So why write this? I’ve been through hell. My daughter, Juliette, nearly died in despair of her own existence, her life. I made a difference. Not just me, but others. Resources. Connections. I helped save her life.

So ask…. Do you have a friend? A family member? An acquaintance who served?

Do they need help?

Are you sure they don’t?


You might save a life.

And listen. Most who need help?

They stay silent.

They deny. You need to look beyond. To listen.

Make a difference.

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