It looks like Gabby Petito is dead. That is enough to anger me, it should anyone. Yet…. Let’s look at this….

A young, very attractive, white blond woman goes missing….

A family asks for help. And we….


White America gets frightened, feels for the family, looks to help find her.

So ask yourself….

What suggests how David’s anger could become outrage.

Shouldn’t it all be outrage?


Did he hate women? Was it him that killed her?

Was it just about her?

Why do we pay so much attention? A cute white woman goes missing.

This year, count your fingers and toes. More Indigenous women have gone missing. No one is looking.


Not looking.

Not investigating.

No one.

If Gabby were Black would CNN have paid attention?

How many Trans women, regardless of race, have been murdered. Has anyone noticed?

Did you?

Did I?

A pretty blond woman goes missing.

It’s a crisis.

Did you notice the others?

How dare you say that “Black Lives Matter”.

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