I have to Ask…

I want to talk about Atlanta. About the six Asian women killed there. They are being held up as examples of Anti Asian Hate. I want to ask everyone. Where were any of us? Women where they worked, were killed, are usually being sex trafficked. Did anyone stand up for them when they were alive? Did anyone care when they were possibly enslaved? Or do they only matter now as an example to be politically correct? Are we using their deaths for our own purposes? Yes, fight hate against Asians, Yet stop the hypocrisy. None of us did anything to free them when they were alive. Stop using them when they are dead. Use your voices. Stand up before it’s too late.

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2 thoughts on “I have to Ask…

  1. Thank you for your concern about enslaved workers. I also am concerned about them. However, the victims in the Atlanta shootings were to my understanding not enslaved. Some were customers, others were paid employees. This incident is really a hate crime against Asians and (by extension) the people who patronized their businesses and who worked there. Our job is to be active bystanders in ensuring safety of all who might be targeted and attacked with racist words or acts.

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