Thoughts on Racism…

This was originally done as a post on Facebook, in reply to denials that racism still exists. A name was mentioned in the FB posting. This original posting was done to support attacks being directed at her as a Black woman. Her name has been changed to XXXXX.

I think that too many people don’t really understand what racism is and believe that not saying “that” word means racism has ended. Yes, the person who yelled “they should all be slaves or go back to Africa” was clearly making a racist statement. So was the woman who yelled “people still hate _____”. Yet it needs to be understood as much more. It’s about a White man walking into a store and immediately being asked if someone can help him while a Black man is ignored. It’s about differences in healthcare. As a prime example, a Black person is more likely to have a foot or part of a leg amputated as a result of an issue related to diabetes than is a White person. Pain medication is less likely to be prescribed to someone who is Black, apparently for two reasons: the false beliefs that Blacks are more tolerant of pain and/or more likely to become addicted. And no, these are not economic issues. The difference in maternal mortality rates between an affluent Black woman and an affluent White woman is greater than were they poor, as are the infant mortality rates. It’s about two people, exact same resumes, and one gets an interview, the second does not. Why? The first had a typically “White” name, the second a “Black” name. It’s about differences in our criminal justice system. Why is the penalty for possession of a gram of cocaine one third of that for a gram of crack? They are chemically the same. It’s because cocaine has been historically used by White people, crack by Black. Why is it that we look at Black people and think about “drug abuse” when the abuse rates are higher among Whites? Why do White people talk about “Black on Black Violence” and ignore that mass shootings are nearly exclusively committed by White men? Where is the talk of “White on White violence”? Why do White people want to make an entire people, all Blacks, responsible for the act of an individual yet not take accountability when a White man shoots up a Black church in South Carolina, a Temple in Pennsylvania, a Walmart parking lot in Texas? Thinking that racism is about saying or not saying a word entirely misses what it really is. I could go on, but if you are still reading it’s because you know. Most of you who need to hear, to learn would have stopped by now. I’ll finish by saying this, XXXXXX’s name is at the beginning of this because I’m replying to her, supporting her challenge to all of you who clearly need to learn about what people who don’t look like you face even here in Melrose.

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