Dateline: Friday, August 21, 2020, Melrose, MA

This was originally published in a Melrose, MA Community Facebook group and on “The Melrose Patch”, a local news site.

An open message to the people of the City of Melrose: Look at my profile picture. Many of you have seen me on the corner of Essex and Main. I’m there three times a week. Most of you are supportive. I’m writing because the last two Fridays I have been threatened with violence for daring to say that BLACK LIVES MATTER. Today it reached the point that I asked someone to call the police (and if she is reading this? you should be ashamed of yourself for walking away, ignoring a call for help, and not even dialing 911). Racism and hate are alive in this community. I see it every time I am out. Usually it’s someone flipping the bird, giving me a thumbs down, or yelling that all lives matter. Sometimes it’s worse.

I stand on that corner alone. That is my choice. Yet it needs to be noted that racism and hate will not end until we all act to stop it.

#blacklivesmatter #fighthate

I will be back on Monday. #iwontbackdown



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