The Darkness

Is the darkness viewing my blog tonight? I wonder. I’ve had more page hits from a single user than ever before. Yeah, I see the stats. Is it the darkness? The hate? You see, I’ve publicly and loudly declared who I am on a public forum here in Melrose, MA. Said it to the trolls, the denizens of darkness, who hide behind anonymous names like the KKK did under their hoods. I live in the light. Can you?

Friday a man asked me “Do you support those baboons?”

Today a woman yelled “People still hate those _____”. Yeah, won’t dignify it by saying it.

Yet instead, it could be a new friend who taught me to raise a fist in solidarity, that unlike I learned it when I was younger, it’s different now, and, well, thank you.

Don’t care. If it’s hate reading? Then perhaps it will learn. If it’s a friend? Thank you.

Be the pebble


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