Tell me

Have you read this book? “White Fragility“. I’m starting thoughts on what I’m going to write. Robin DiAngelo writes about why we white people are afraid to talk about “it”, about race. We sanitize things with, well, codes for THAT WORD. So tell me, what are you afraid to talk about? Tell me what you are afraid to ask about. Simple things. A black woman has long braids. I wonder how long it takes to do. What scares you to ask? I’m writing and I want to know. “White Fragility” is about being afraid of the answer. I want to get in your face, white ameirca’s face, about what we should be talking about. Want a hint?

White supremacy is not what we think. It’s not about “white supremacists” putting them, they, whatever, in their place. It’s about what we, as white people, what we are, how we benefit. It’s about how “white privilege” takes care of us.

Tell me. What scares you to talk about. I’m going there with or without you. Speak….

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