Black Lives Matter

So apparently the #asswipeinchief, you know who I mean, said that #BLM is about hate. I’ve said enough. I don’t need say more about his stupidity and disgusting behavior. I will say this: I am tired of hearing that Black Lives Matter. Yeah, get over it. I just wrote that. And someone will use that statement, perhaps leave out the context and what follows, and say “David Valade said he is tired of hearing Black Lives Matter”. So….

I’m tired of hearing someone yell “all lives matter”. I’m tired of hearing “blue lives matter”. Tired. ALL FUCKING LIVES MATTER. I get it. And? Get over it. Open your ears, your mind, listen. I am not, no one is saying BLACK LIVES MATTER MORE. I am saying, we are saying, that we need to stop devaluing Black lives and having them matter LESS. 400 years. Read it, read the real, whole statement: BLACK LIVES MATTER AS MUCH AS EVERY OTHER LIFE. And when I hold that sign with #BLM and someone flips the bird, yells at me, whatever? Three fucking fifths baby. Right in the Constitution of the United States of America. Black lives count as three-fifths of a person. Our nation was founded on it. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal….” But not so much. Look it up. We based our nation, our Constitution, the basis of who we are on a simple premise. Slaves don’t matter. Blacks don’t matter. They are three-fifths of a person.

So why am I tired of hearing it? Because it should be self-evident. We are inclusive or not. I shouldn’t need to hear it. But the reality? I won’t stop saying it. I am not Black. I don’t self-identify as African-American. The exclusion I face is not even close. Yet it’s there. Why? Because I can’t sit at the table as an equal with people who are excluded. Not everyone is invited. It denigrates my chance to succeed on ability when others are excluded based on race. Fucking tired.

Sorry. Fucking angry old white guy. Embrace it or? Shut up and go away. I will do neither. I will not embrace hate and I will not go away.

I’ll be on the corner again Friday. #BLM My new sign needs to say “Silence is not an option”. Apparently some guy on #CNN had the same thought and did a podcast.

#BLM #restoredignity

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