A change of flags…

I just changed the flag I hang from my house. It’s usually the rainbow flag. When I originally put it up my daughter asked if it was to piss of the XXXXX’s, the family of Trump supporters down the street. I replied no, but it if does it’s an added benefit.
So what flag did I put up? Ours, the US flag, the Stars and Stripes. First, a little history….
The first flag I bought was the French flag. I love France, especially Paris, and wish I could spend more time there. I bought the French flag to fly it to support France after they had a terror attack. After a bit I realized I should have our own flag to fly in support of us if we are attacked.
So what do I do? Normally I fly the rainbow flag. It switches to the US flag on holidays like Memorial Day.  It goes to the BLM flag when someone like Michael Brown is murdered. And today, because we are in crisis, it’s our flag. It will stay up until this crisis ends.
Oh, an added, unintended benefit? Most people seem to think that people who fly the US flag are Trump supporters. But when they see my “Hate Has No Home Here” sign? It confuses the you know what out of them.

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