Cell Phones? COVID-19?

Your cell phone may be the most dangerous thing you touch today, yesterday, and tomorrow.  (CNN just reported on this, I have been thinking about it, they provided scientific back-up, so I’m comfortable writing with the idea that this is helpful, not more scare mongering).  So you are diligent.  You come home and the first thing you do is wash your hands, thoroughly.  Forget 20 seconds.  I’ll do a minute.  Can’t hurt.  And then what do you do?  Pick up your cell to look at a text, email, or whatever.  And you’ve just taken the biggest vector point for the disease and crossed it into your house.

Think about a day…  You go out, look at the cell.  Push a shopping cart.  Was the person who touched the handle before a carrier?  Check the cell again.  Put your hands on the counter during check-out, then use the cell to enter your information into the store’s customer loyalty system.

Our average day goes like this….  Go out, look at the cell.  Stop somewhere, touching things, what they are doesn’t matter, then the cell again.  Touch something, then the cell. Every time you’re transferring whatever germs, viruses, or whatever to your cell.  Your cell phone is the most likely way to bring the virus into your previously safe home.

So what to do?  What I started a few days ago.  Come home:  First, I thoroughly wash my hands.  Second, I use an alcohol wipe and clean my phone.  Lastly, I rub the alcohol wipe over my hands in case the cleaning process transferred something.

Transfer vectors.  Thinking matters.

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