Emotions v. Facts

How many times have we heard “you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight”.  The Democrats don’t get that you can’t bring facts to fight emotions.  We all have two parts of our thoughts:  the emotional mind and the rational one.  The reality is that they can’t hear each other.  It’s far easier to feed the emotional mind.  Feelings are easy, facts are hard.

At it’s core the impeachment debate is a clash where logic and facts are trying to argue with lies and feelings.  Trump’s approach is to feed fear and passion.  Explaining to a coal miner from West Virginia that his job is gone because fewer people are using coal because it’s dirty doesn’t change his fear of losing a job, being unable to feed his family. It doesn’t address the fact that even if we use more coal jobs will be lost because of automation. Fear matters, the fear of losing a job, of losing a home, of being unable to feed a family. When Democrats do what HC did, recite facts as proof of correctness, they lose. They are losing here. Yes, Trump cheated and continues to. Yet the feeling of fear wins, not the facts. The last two Democrats that won the presidency won on hope, on emotion. Go watch Bill Clinton’s “Hope” speech. With Obama it was hope that we were bigger than racism, a better country than we had been. Emotions win. Hitler knew that. Goebbels knew that. Trump knows that. Pelosi and Nadler don’t seem to get it.

Coming soon…  Two speeches we’ll never hear that could change the election.


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