Hypocrisy, Lies, FoxNews, Trump….

OK.  The heading is getting too long.  I’m waiting for the swamp to drain.  Frankly, disgusted.  A day after Trump’s fixer pleaded guilty and his campaign manager was convicted I’m looking for some truth.  #CNN is reveling in a, well, look, we were right.  So I looked at #foxnews.  I wondered what they had to say.  I had to shut it off before I threw up.  #motherfuckers #slimebags  What did I see?  @foxnews explaining why we need to build a wall.   (is a criminal conviction not news?)  Molly Tibbets’ family asked the we not politicize her death, that we just mourn her their loss  So Fox News?  (#WTF, there is no news there).  They explained that yes, we need to politicize this, that Mexicans are getting in and they are killers.  Let’s see.  A white guy in Florida kills how many children? Guns them down at school.  The #NRA, the #GOP liars and apologists say “don’t politicize this”.  They delegitimize  children being killed.  And now they use the death of a child?

Tired of the hypocrisy.


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