@realDonaldTrump says the US is to blame for poor relations with Russia.  So yeah, I guess #moroninchief understands some things that I don’t.  Wasn’t it the US that invaded and annexed Crimea over the protests of Russia?  And didn’t we, the US, poison multiple people in England using a nerve agent only available to governments?  And wasn’t it the US that hacked email accounts, released sensitive information, and interfered in elections?  Oh, yeah.  That was Obama’s fault.  Nope.  Not at all.  All of this was done under the direction if Putin.  So why is the #liarinchief blaming the country he leads rather than Putin?  I guess it’s all wrapped up in his running home for a private meeting and new directions from his puppet master.

So what should I do?  Perhaps rob a bank.  And if I’m caught maybe #POTUS will testify on my behalf, saying it’s the bank’s fault, that they never could have been robbed if they didn’t have money.




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