Shifting Alliances

I’m old enough to remember Hoover and his FBI.  The FBI that murdered Fred Hampton and harassed MLK for being, in their minds, well “uppity”.  I know of the Church hearings, what they exposed about the CIA.  And I know what happened with what was stolen in the Media, PA break-ins.  And yet I find myself in a really weird place.  I’m standing up, defending the FBI.  Yeah, I always said OK, protect us from Russian spies and espionage.  Yet the agency who was about repressing freedom, beating those who acted under the first-amendment, who frankly, didn’t defend The Constitution, well, somehow they seem to be the last line of defense lately in our freedoms.  Why has the president chosen to attack them?  I think we know.  The truth matters.

And here is where it gets weird.  I’m wondering if we, those that believe in the truth, should occupy.  Yeah, channel John Lewis.  Sit in.  Call on the Occupy Movement.  And sit in.  Occupy FBI officea.  And not in protest of the FBI.  Rather to stand with them as the last line of defense, to be a human shield, to protect Mueller and those seeking truth.

Yeah.  Weird.



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