An Angry White Man

Yeah.  Mad as hell.  Riddle me this Batman.  Why, why, why, is the conversation about our children protecting themselves when there is an “active shooter”.  17 dead in Broward County.  And the conversation is about teaching our children to “shelter in place”.  WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH AMERICA?  Why, why, do we accept the NRA agenda.  Someone shot those children, killed them.  So why is the conversation about teaching our children that dying is normal rather than taking away the ability to kill?

There is something wrong with our country.

Yeah.  Mad as hell.

And to the apologists?  Yeah, I blame BO.  He could have done something after Sandy Hook.  Yet nothing changed.


One thought on “An Angry White Man

  1. Do that many people feel that ownership of semi-automatic weapons is a national rite? Don’t blame Obama. The Republicans “seemingly” beholden to the NRA are to blame. Change needs to come from Congress, not the President. Have you read the 2nd Amendment? It’s one goddam sentence. The dependent clause about militias shows that it does not apply to individuals, and only to an organized military body. I blame the glad-he’s-gone Scalia for persuading his other loony conservative justices for opening up the floodgates allowing anyone to purchase semi-automatic weapons.

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