I’m an Angry White Man

Yeah.  Go with the stereotype.  Angry White Man.  Obviously I must be a Trump supporter.  And uneducated.  I must be a, well, no.  Wrong!  Bernie.  Bernie is white.  And he’s pretty damn angry.  Let’s move on from the stereotypes and start working on the things that connect us.

23.  We all have 23 pairs of chromosomes.

On November 10 I posted this:

Bookmark this statement. Roy Moore will win in Alabama. I don’t think he should, I’m not saying he isn’t scum, I’m just saying he’ll win. Enough people will buy that “he’s being persecuted like Jesus” and that the whole story in WAPO is just another Democratic, coastal elite lie that they’ll vote for him. After all, didn’t one of these sort of people walk into a deli in DC with an assault rifle because he believed that Hillary was running a child sex ring in the basement?

Man am I glad I was wrong.  Last night I saw this “30% black turnout”.  I messaged my friend Anish that Doug Jones is going to win.  The polling data says that 99% of black women and 98% of black men rejected the hate of Roy Moore.  They said we are from Alabama, we haven’t forgotten and we won’t go back.  No more Pettis Bridges.  We have a voice.  And they did.

Yeah, I’m an angry white man.  The white and the man don’t matter much as the anger.  I was born white, born male.  I can’t change that.  But what I can control is what I believe and what I choose to do.  I’m angry because:

  • On 09/11 our country was attacked.  The world, even many of our enemies, said it was wrong and stood with us.  Yet that moron Republican, Bush II threw away the high ground and attacked Iraq.
  • I’m mad because we have an intellectually challenged guy with a dyed ferret on his head tossing away the leadership we once offered the world.  The “moral authority” this country offered is attacks in Charlottesville, throwing transgendered people out of the military, tossing law abiding, tax paying, people out of the country.  That is hate, not leadership.
  • I’m pissed off because a tax bill may become law that will screw just about everyone that actually works for a living, does labor, makes money through their efforts.  We’ll allow Trump and his cronies to pass on millions to their heirs at the expense of us all.  The workers in this country will pay more so Apple can make phones in China and save as much as $60 billion in taxes.  Yeah.  Go figure.
  • I could go on.

I can’t change being white and male.  I can change being angry by showing up and doing something.  Sometimes it’s as easy as sending money to help Doug Jones.  Sometimes it’s marching.  And maybe it’s joining the #antifa in the streets fighting.


P.S.  If this puts me on a “watch list”?  Well, I’m disappointed that I wasn’t already there.

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