‘He knew what he signed up for’

The thing is, there is being factually accurate and massively insensitive.  Let’s assume that Sgt. La David Johnson knew what he “signed up for”.  And even if he didn’t when he enlisted, he certainly knew by the time he entered Green Beret training.  He knew that he may be asked to kill for his country and he knew that he might die.  But the words of the President were still so wrong.

When Johnson signed up for the Army, did what he did, he also signed up his family, all of them.  I don’t know his history, when he got married, but his wife, his unborn child, all of them came along for the ride.  And they paid as well.  He lost his life.  His wife lost her life partner.  His child will be born without a father.  Yeah, he made a choice.  And they are paying.

And where does this leave us?  We have a president who is apparently insensitive to the price that family members pay for his decisions.  Yeah, young men and women die in combat.  And they leave behind people grieving their loss.

I have no idea what was really said on the call Trump made.  I wasn’t there.  But the simple truth is that words matter.  Sympathy matters.  Empathy is in play.  What is being reported is in synch with #fucktrump’s self-centered view of the world.  And he only gets his own narcissism.  #fucktrump, one who can’t feel the pain of others isn’t fit to lead our country.  It’s time to invoke the 25th.


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