I used to…

Sometimes, I used to wonder, what is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard someone say.  I have a list of people that have been there.  After more than 50 years of living, 30 of them in a whacked professional context, it takes a lot for someone to get on that list.  But by remembering who said what I had a good idea who would go to the top next.  But in the last eleven months all the shit has hit the fan.  The list blew up, exploded.  This is not #fakenews.  All I need to do now to see the “outdone” stupidity is to wake and read what #fucktrump posted last.  I just know stupidity is outdone.  Otherwise?  That I’m connected by genetics to some who voted for him is embarrassing.  But rest assured, they won’t read this.  I’m not sure they can actually read.


#fucktrump #starttherevolution



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