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#Fucktrump almost has me ending my boycott of the NFL.  Almost.  Won’t happen.  There’s still that CTE thing.  And Collin Kaepernick still doesn’t have a job.

Does the president care that his attack on the NFL, on Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors, pretty much on black athletes in general is doing more for the Black Lives Matter movement than anyone has done in a long time?  No.  He doesn’t care.  Doesn’t give a damn at all.  His 30% base and his small mind are all that matters.

I will no longer call (and haven’t for a while) the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare”.  Yeah, it matters that Obama did it.  But changing the words helps change the debate.  There are people who support the ACA, but not Obamacare (go figure, it reminds me of my sister’s favorite quote from the ACA debates: “Keep your goddamned government hands off my Medicare”).  The debate needs to be about healthcare and the 20+ million that could lose access to affordable insurance.  History won’t forget who did it.  But taking Obama out of the debate lets us focus on the people who will be hurt.

There are some Republicans that I’d happily have dinner with.  “W” is one, mostly to find out if he’s as dumb as I think he is.  John McCain is another.  I’ve seen him as a good, honorable man for a long time.  Yeah, he does some things that I don’t agree with and would have been a horrible president.  OK, not horrible.  I’ll go with bad.  We have horrible now.  At least with McCain there would still be some degree of honor and dignity in the office of POTUS.  I do wonder if that honor and dignity is gone forever.

About McCain, I fear we won’t have him around much longer.  Both my dad and grandfather died of GBM IV.  My grandfather died within 4 months of his diagnosis, my dad 9 months later.  Yes, the science has changed a lot since then, but this is still the most aggressive and deadly form of brain cancer.

I listen to NPR every morning.  Today they were talking about the elections in Germany.  Someone from one of their far right parties was criticized for using the word “shameful” in relation to a Holocaust Memorial in Germany.  I have no idea of the actual words nor the context.  But it did make me think, particularly of the memorial here in Boston.  It honors the six million Jewish victims killed by the Nazis during the holocaust.  And yes, it reminds me of the shameful acts committed by criminals.  And of the shame the world in general needs to feel for not doing more to stop it, to help get people out of Germany when they tried to leave before the war.  So yes, the word shame applies.  We need to be reminded so it doesn’t happen again.



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