Another moment that #fucktrump helped make possible.  Apparently the bigots, bastards, and assholes feel empowered because #smallhands is president.  I have a message for all you haters.  My family came on the Mayflower.  We came to escape persecution and hate.  I’m also descended from immigrants from France via Canada.  And that’s just part of America.  We are a many.  Some came in chains.  Some came freely.  Others for god knows what reason.  I stand with all that came here by whatever means and are choosing to make a better, freer, inclusive world.  And we say enough of the hate.  I can only thank #fucktrump for letting the haters speak freely letting the rest of us hear their message and choosing to shout the bastards down.  There is no room for hate in the country my ancestors helped create, that many helped build.


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