The Real Targets

59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, fired from two US Navy ships.  They hit their Syrian targets, an airbase, where we’re told the chemical weapons attack against Assad’s own people was launched.  No one has said how many have died.  We’ve seen some damage reports, but don’t really know if the missiles were effective in damaging the Syrian military.  But the attack did serve it’s purpose.

I watch #CNN most nights.  #DonLemon and/or #AndersonCooper.  I listen to #NPR every morning, #MorningEdition.  And know what?  The missiles were fired at Syria, but the real target was the US media and the American public.  I even listen to #FoxNews on occasion (I’ve written about this before – how is one to argue against something if one doesn’t listen to it?)  The entire tenor of the news has changed.  No more questions about connections to Russia are being asked.  I’ve written earlier about this diversion, the sleight of hand.  And it worked.  59 missiles shut down a conversation.

Look at the news media now, listen, it’s all about Syria.  #JohnMcCain and #LyndseyGraham are offering their advice, calling for an invasion or whatever.  Last week they were asking for the truth about connections to Russia.  The CNN talking heads are focusing on the lack of a plan, asking what the follow through will be, pontificating on the dangerous of the situation, about possible conflict with Russia.  Fox News is lauding the president’s efforts, but I guess there’s nothing new is here.  Before the attack Fox was trying to change the story, divert attention.

Tonight I’m calling out CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the rest of the media.  Focus on the whole story.  Talk about the diversion of interest, that Trump didn’t care about Syria a week ago.  Follow-up on Fareed Zakaria’s piece on Sunday.  He showed pictures of starving children in refugee camps, asking that if the president cared about children, the he look at the pictures and help.  Just wake-up and challenge the lies and hypocrisy.  Do your damn job.  Follow the real news, not the manufactured news of #fucktrump and his cronies.



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