The Music of Strangers

Fed up.  Pissed off.  Those are my words for tonight.  I’ve seen enough stupidity in a day to last a lifetime.

Has anyone paid attention to what has happened today?  I wonder how many people died in the fight for Mosul.  It makes the news if one American dies, but if it’s hundred Iraqis?  Silence.  Yet their fight against DAESH is also our fight.  How many in Syria?  How many died of hunger in Sudan in that ongoing battle?  The list of silence is long.

It’s more than just these stories.  This morning I listened to a piece on WBUR, one of the local public radio stations here in Boston.  It was about three people who showed up for immigration appointments in Lawrence, MA and were arrested by ICE.  One was a mother of three children who, I think, were born here in the US.  She’s from Brazil.  Had been here for 15 years.  Is married to a US citizen.  She wanted to get permanent residency status.  She went to her appointment and was arrested.  Probably will be deported.  Is anyone listening?

So tonight I’m pissed off.  What did I read on Facebook today?  More stupidity.  STUPIDITY.  The debate that Hillary cheated, Bernie would have won continues.  People are debating who the candidate should be in 2020.  A chunk say Bernie.  Some said Biden.  I say I DON’T GIVE A FUCK.  That goddamned election is three and a half years away.  GROW UP.  FOCUS ON TODAY.  And delete me as a friend, get your stupidity of my news feed it you think Bernie / Hillary still matters.  What do I think?

Today I watched a documentary called “The Music of Strangers: Yo-Yo Ma & the Silk Road Ensemble”.  It was about fifty or so musicians from many countries.  Many grew up playing instruments that we in the west have never heard of.  They’ve come together, sometimes across traditional hate lines, to create something new.  And part of it is realizing that when they do this they also preserve their traditional cultures because they get new people to listen.  So what matters?

  1. stop the bullshit.  Hillary / Bernie is over.  It no longer matters.  Trump is president.
  2. take a look at what’s going on in GA-06.  If Jon Ossoff can win the special House election to replace Tom Price, Trump’s secretary of HHS, it will send a real message to #fucktrump and the country as a whole (yeah, including the Kochs).
  3. Join swingleft.  Get ready for the next set of elections.  History shows that a sitting president loses house seats in the first off-year election.  Help make it happen.

This list can go on.  I’m sure you can find things to do on your own.  The fact remains: when you waste time and energy on Hillary versus Bernie you are just helping Trump.  Bernie has moved on.  So should you.  And me?  I care about what happened today and how we can change tomorrow.





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