The Truth is Relative

Facts are not.

A message to @fucktrump #fucktrump.  The truth depends on perception.  My eye twitches.  You think I winked at you.  I think I had an itch and twitched.  The reality is that my eyelid moved.  That is a fact.  What we perceived is different.  Facts and the truth are not the same thing.

So….  Let’s deal with reality.  Oops, no such thing.  Reality is perception.  And perception is disconnected from facts.  Let’s try again….

We have a problem here in our country.  Some say treason has been committed.  I’m on that list.  Here is what I say.  Kushner met with someone.  He did it at a certain time.  The who, what, when, where are facts.  What was said is relative.  A wink thing.  But I can’t help wondering why the subversion.  Try facts.

So how about this?  #fucktrump, tell the facts.  Let them be known.  Otherwise it looks like a continued cover-up.  Every time you obfuscate, divert (WTF, the Clintons sold uranium?) you get more questions asked.  So try facts.  We all can agree on facts.  The world is flat.  Fact.  Whoops.  I guess I know why you don’t get it.



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